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Infinite Leaders

Katelyn McKenzie

We are a family of freedom travelers, on a mission to help others in the same situation we were in say “F*** YOU!” to your 9-5 and start living life on your terms!

With the crash of the oil industry we went from near bankruptcy, having to leave our home, sell our vehicles, max out credit cards, line of credits, you name it, to traveling the world with our family creating the most amazing memories and helping others who want MORE out of life…

MORE money…

MORE time…

And ultimately MORE freedom…

FINALLY achieve those dreams that once seemed so out of reach. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without our amazing team of like-minded people who have just had enough or the “normal” life.
Now, my question for you is…have you had enough?



Jenn and Gord

We couldn’t be more grateful to be here! Part of this team! Both of us are excited to be a part of this dynamic company.

We are both from the working rat race in the service and hospitality sector. Both worked hard long jobs with crazy ridiculous hours. Very little time for family, friends and engagements. Lack of work life balance. Existing for years..

Until we met Geoff and Katelyn! We joined forces together as a couple and feels like we have been awakened. Given new life and purpose! With the freedom to work when you choose, help people reach their potential and goals all the while focusing on personal development and health. The future looks bright!




Infinite Freedom Team

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Traysie and Sean

We have the perfect Love Story… 2002 is where it all began. Sean was working in Banff on a construction site and Traysie was on a 1 year working permit from Australia waiting tables. We met in the local hostel and quickly became friends. We instantly clicked and started spending every waking hour together. Traysies’ 1 year visa was up and it was time for her to fly back to her home land. This was devastating for both of us. Somehow we knew we had to figure something out. Together we had no money & no savings.

After three months apart we both knew somehow we needed to figure out a way to cross the Pacific Ocean to be together. Sean has an old early 90’s Honda Civic. He sold it for $3000 and bought himself a plane ticket! Life was GREAT! Without a legal work permit due to being 28 and then not eligible that $3000.00 didn’t last long. Traysie held two jobs but it still wasn’t enough or realistic it could continue. Sean flew back to Canada after 4 months in Australia. Back to construction and miserable … As you could guess being apart wasn’t going to be an option for us! Traysie quit her jobs and flew back to Canada. Unable to work we were down to one income. Traysie applied for Canadian residency & a work permit. 9 months went by and the work permit arrived! YAY…

I got my first job as a Bank teller. Sean continued in construction. In 2005 we settled in Victoria BC and Sean proposed. We didn’t have much but we had each other. In 2007 we got married followed by our first Son January 2008. Life was changing fast but we were content. In 2009 our Daughter arrives. The last member to complete our family. Traysie was at home raising the kids and Sean desperately trying to make ends meet in the construction industry. That’s when we decided enough was enough and started looking for something different…a way where we could have more time, money, and freedom to LIVE!!

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Jenn and Gord

We couldn’t be more grateful to be here! Part of this team! Both of us are excited to be a part of this dynamic company.

We are both from the working rat race in the service and hospitality sector. Both worked hard long jobs with crazy ridiculous hours. Very little time for family, friends and engagements. Lack of work life balance. Existing for years..

Until we met Geoff and Katelyn! We joined forces together as a couple and feels like we have been awakened. Given new life and purpose! With the freedom to work when you choose, help people reach their potential and goals all the while focusing on personal development and health. The future looks bright!

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I’ve been working on oil and gas drilling rigs for the last eight years of my life. With the crash in the oil market and tearing my Achilles, I was left unemployed with no money coming in. I needed something to bring some money in while recovering. This opportunity has allowed me to get good money coming back in and has changed my life.

For once in my life I am financially free and able to be around my family and friends more often instead of working for weeks or months away from home.

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Dallas Davis

Hi , my name is Dallas Davis I have been marketing for 2 months now. I am 25 years old now and have worked in the Canadian oilfield since I was 17 years old, and I have suffered with back pain/surgeries from the age of 13. I’ve busted myself up with labor intense jobs for the last 8 years, and when I was up in northern Alberta in a camp and was absolutely exhausted I stumbled upon this opportunity and dove on it!

Needless to say I had gotten laid off a week after I started this! I’m working very hard and has made my life so much better and easier on my family.With the help of these great mentors, guiding me through the entire process step by step has changed my life from inside out. My attitude and persona has changed completely, and my relationship has been awesome. I feel like I am worth something again!

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Rodney and April

My name is Rodney Silvernail and I’m originally from upstate New York. For most of my life, I have either been a mechanic, equipment operator, and truck driver. I met my wife in Las Vegas, NV. We eventually had our daughter and then we got married. Since 2011, I’ve been working in the oilfield working the long hours. I’ve been moving my family around a lot because of the oil field going up and down.

I was looking on facebook one day trying to help my wife find a job that she could work from home and do. This ad popped up and it sounded great because ordinary people like my wife and I were making money on the internet and doing really well. I had no experience with work from home jobs on the internet. My wife had dabbled in it before but had not really made any money. This opportunity has opened doors for us that were previously closed. We are able to clean up our credit and actually go on a vacation this summer.

Rodney and April Silvernail

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My name is Garett and I currently work in the oilfield. I have been working all over Alberta as and instrumentation tech for the past 8 years or so and have recently decided it’s time get out of my comfort zone and make a change. Don’t get me wrong, working in the oil and gas industry hasn’t been all bad… it has helped me accomplish the things I’ve wanted to accomplish, buy the things I’ve wanted to buy and generally have financial “freedom” over the past several years. However, it leaves you with very little personal time to spend with the ones you love, doing the things you want to do on a daily basis.

My goal is to not only be financially stable but to also have the freedom to live my life the way I want to live it…. exploring the world… spending time family and friends… not answering to management or meeting deadlines… my goal is see my fullest potential. This opportunity not only creates an avenue to meet my goals but it creates the means to crush my goals!

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Jesse Garnier

My name is Jesse Garnier, and right out of high school I jumped straight into the oil patch. Growing up in Alberta, this seemed like the logical path to take at the time, however I did not count on the economy taking a turn for the worse! Luckily I have always tried to be ahead of the game, and I seen the economy starting to crash, so I started looking for other recession proof options and stumbled across a post that said I can make a FULL TIME INCOME, working PART TIME from home!

I followed the steps and it has lead me to where I only dreamed I could ever be, and the help and support I had in the process was and still is incredible! Now my family and I are doing the things we want to do, on our own terms, and nobody else’s!

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John Peabody

My name is John Peabody and I grew up in Upstate New York and Massachusetts. When I graduated, I went to work in a factory thinking I needed to have a job like everyone else. After working many jobs over the next 25 yrs. and not getting anywhere, I figured it was time to change my thinking and go to school and get a skilled trade. I became an Electrician and a single dad with full custody of my son. I worked full time and never had enough time to raise my son and I was always paying for childcare, so it made me feel like someone else was raising my son.

After 10 yrs of that and not getting anywhere again, I decided to change once again. This time, I met a guy who was a Internet marketer and he introduced me to a business where 90% of the work is done for you and it allowed for so much time freedom to be able to take care of my son. So glad I took the chance and changed and now I’m part of this amazing team where the business opportunity is real and exciting. The training, mentoring, and teamwork is second to none. Now the financial freedom is getting better and better each month, but most importantly is the time freedom to raise my son and not ever having to miss another moment in his life do to a job!! I will be forever grateful I decided to make the change and do something different and was committed to it.

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Hi, my name is Dylan, and I was born and raised in Mission, British Columbia..

I started working right after I graduated from high school in the Steel Fabrication industry. I’ve been doing it for about 5 years or so, I’ve learned a lot and grown up a lot maturity wise. I owe everything i have to my parents for giving me the opportunity to work alongside my dad for those 5 years. We work in a small group of 4 people, and all around the Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey areas. We fabricate basically anything that is made out of steel, as well as install our work as well, which can be seen from a large number of different buildings around those areas.

My new venture into online marketing has been great so far. I’m learning new things, meeting amazing people and developing new skills that I never had the chance to really “get to know” before. I plan to take this new adventure straight to the top, and I don’t plan on letting anything stop me from doing it!

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I grew up in a small town in northern Alberta Canada. The only thing that mattered in life to me was hockey. I made a good run at it but ultimately never reached where I wanted to go. After hockey ended, I struggled to find what my true calling in life was. I worked all sorts of dead end jobs trying to find something I was passionate about. Once I met my wife and settled down and had a baby, I knew I had to find something concrete and secure to take care of my family permanently. That eventually led me to the oil patch. The money was good enough to provide for the people I cared about most but the life I was living was not. Being away from my family and new baby for days and weeks was very hard but I knew it was what I had to do. That combined with living in harsh conditions only solidified what I knew I was already feeling.

I then came across a guys ad on Facebook. He was voicing the exact same concerns and feelings that I was. He showed me how I could make a full time income online from the comfort of my living room. I was raised blue collar, and making money online was never an option for me. I then began to think about my wife and daughter again and how unhappy I was doing what I was doing. That alone made me decide to take that leap. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Since joining this life changing program I could not be happier! I now have the time and financial freedom to be with my family and not miss my daughter growing up. I am grateful every singe day for this opportunity. It has led me to a place i never thought was possible. I have found that passion again that can only compare to being on the ice playing hockey. The only place to go from here is up and taking that leap has been the greatest decision of my life!

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Often many people hop on the ride of an oil field boom, I know I did. As it went along, my wallet stayed stuffed with money. Though as the boom died, so did my wallet. I moved myself to the city to rent a place and work another job to pay a mortgage and keep my family fed.
Now with the help of Enagic I look towards not only a better life for myself, but a better life for my family in which I can finally be home and not so far away.

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Kestin Olson

I grew up in a small town called La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Raised by a single mother raising 3 boys with a teachers salary, I was kicked out at the age of 13, worked at a lot of jobs that paid under the table till I had enough to invest in oil field tickets (first aid, h2s) and a car, then I was 18, I moved to Swan Hills, AB relied on the oil patch for 5 years. I worked on the pipeline, class 1 driver, and then I was running a loader in a gravel pit, I went into debt, with truck and house payments, I didn’t know what I was gonna do.

Then this opportunity came to me and I took the risk, I had nothing else to lose, and that’s when my life changed, my goal is to pay off my debt, pay off everything then start traveling the world, then when I get tired of that haha I wanna own some private land and build a cabin by a lake, my goal everyday is to be better then yesterday.

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James and Jessica

We both worked in oil & gas drilling working rotational jobs. While the money was great we grew tired of spending time away from each other and obviously the ups and downs of our line of work. This opportunity has allowed us to completely replace our income and have no cap on how much we make. We can travel the world and be working from anywhere with a wifi connection. Our goals for this year is to continue working and travelling before we get married in Jamaica!

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Cam Reis

I live in Red Deer, Alberta. I have worked in the oil and gas industry since I graduated from high school. My whole family works in the industry so it made sense since oil is a big part of our community here and you can make good money. But as I now a family of my own. I want to be able to spend more time with them instead of working all the time. My goal is to be a full time father and husband to be there for all the little things that matter in my kids lives. To be there and help my wife with the day to day things as well. I want to travel the world with my family and show my kids how amazing the world we live in really is.

This opportunity has given me more chances to spend with my family and not have to worry about the next lay off or looking for a new job and having that uncertainty in the oilfield. It has also given me the opportunity to help others to do the same and shoot for their dreams and goals. We have great leaders to look up to and guide us along the way. Have met alot of really awesome people who all are on the same journey and are willing to lend a hand all the time. Am so grateful that this was introduced to me and am never looking back!!

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Natasha and Graham

I (Natasha)was working as a sales and design consultant for flooring companies, Switching jobs frequently trying to find that “happy” place, Graham working as a finishing carpenter. We were tired of going nowhere, But when we came across this opportunity it changed our lives in such a positive way, We came in with open minds and listened to some of the greatest success stories we had ever heard. We took the time to make a change, We pursued and now, Our finances are in excellent standing, We have freedom and more spare time to do the things we love. Working in sales, and Graham owning a company we didn’t have time for anything, constantly working 6 days a week and 45+ hours just to make bills was not how we imagined our lives turning out. It was a constant rat race.

We now spend our days working on our laptops wherever we go. We can check on our business throughout the day and relax with less stress doing things we enjoy. Wood working, rebuilding engines, Nutrition, Gardening, training for obstacle races, hobbies, and spending more time with each other. Our main focus was to become debt free and travel more…We as a couple can honestly say it’s all happening. We quickly learned that changing your way of thinking to positive, anything is possible.

We are so excited to wake up in the morning and live life freely on our own terms! It’s working for us…. It can work for you!

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